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76 280 running without injector plugs- confused


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My 280z has not been running right for some time now. I have tried many different things but as of a few min. ago I tried something new. The car will crank and run but not well enough to drive. It runs really rich and sounds as if it is not running on all cyl.

Tonight I cranked the car with no trouble and it ran like crap as usual. I began to pull the injecter plug wires off the injectors. The car continued to run. I then began to put them back on and the car sputtered and died.

Do the injectors defualt to open?

Im not sure whats goin on?

the motor was rebuilt within the past year or so. the injectors are rebuilt and the fuel pump and fuel tank is new. There is a brand new tps in it as well.

most of the components i can think of have been check or are new

Help me if you can

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Did you pull off the connector on the cold-start injector too? if it was spraying fuel, the engine would run(barely.) there's 7 injectors on a fuel-injected L28 engine.

NOT! It's not a cold start injector, it's a cold start valve. It lets fuel into the intake manifold as long as it gets a signal but is doesn't inject it with a pulse as does an injector.

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