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hello every one


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Hi i just bought my first 280z and i love the car even though i have never had the chance to drive it. my goal is to make it the king z of idaho. my problem is that the body is in need of extensive repair and the engin i have been told is now shot. can anyone point me in the right direction to return my car to its former glory and excead it.

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Kcorb, you've come to the right spot. This site is chock full of useful information, from mundane information, that while important, is oftentimes overlooked; to some of the most complete teardown and rebuild instructions.

You will need to familiarize yourself with the "search" function for the site, posting some pictures of your vehicle, along with vin number and production date from the driver door jamb.

By providing us with these numbers, we will be able to help whittle down possible problems/solutions.

While you've got a 280z, not all 280's are the same. Like all cars, the 280z underwent subtle changes from model year to model year, so providing this info will prove instrumental.

As an added bonus, someone here might have a direct sibling to yours. I think it'd be cool to find my zx's direct siblings, so there is that reason to supply that info as well.

Anyway, sorry for the longwinded post, and welcome to the Z community!

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