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My S30 ownership experience.....


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In looking at the VIN# thread I picked up my list of cars and thought this might be kind of fun. I figured I would list the S30's that I have owned so far (in the order they were owned):

HLS30-455430 04/78 : Originally brown but painted pear white before I bought it.

HLS30-426919 09/77 : Silver; ended up being parted out; lots of rust.

HLS30-453661 03/78 : Orange; bought as a parts car but ran very strong.

HLS30-427175 09/77 : Yellow; also ended up being parted out but not before a lot of time and parts were hung on the car.

HLS30-431775 10/77 : Orange; very nice when I bought it and it also ended up becoming a parts car.

HLS30-305523 ?/? : Originally dark brown metallic but was black when I got it.

HLS30-374001 01/77 : Sky Blue Metallic; this became my father's car and also ended up being parted out.

HLS30-448652 02/78 : Wine Red Metallic; still have this car although it is for sale currently.

HLS30-375108 02/77 : Wine Red Metallic; this is my father's current Z.

HLS30-299394 ?/? : Brown; sold this to a friend who in turn sold it; last I saw of it it was heading to South Carolina where it and the owner were going to retire.

HLS30-437667 11/77 : Wine Red Metallic; just sold this one after six years of ownership back in July.

HLS30-456240 04/78 : Wine Red Metallic; still have this one. Thankfully.

HLS30-366531 12/76 : Wine Red Metallic; still have this one. Ditto.

HLS30-469662 06/78 : Originally silver but painted burgundy when I bought it. Sold it and last I heard it was living in New York.

HLS30-08323 08/70 : Silver; second paint job but in original color. Needs restoration.

HLS30-453361 03/78 : Wine Red Metallic; just sold this one last month.

Imagine having all of those under one roof? You would need Jay Leno's money to restore/recondition and maintian them all?

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