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I mentioned in another post that I used to have a 72 240Z many years ago, but I got rid of it when I needed a bigger car for my family. When I sold it, it had rust in the common places under the doors and I am just curious about this. I am not a mechanic, but now that I am thinking about eventually getting another one at some point, are those rust areas matters of structural integrity in Z's, or are they more cosmetic in nature? I guess I am just asking because I hope to find one with no rust, but in case I come across any that have this type of rust, is it easily repairable or more of an issue than that? Thanx,


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And any good body man worth his salt can fab you replacements by working the metal to shape...unless you need like a whole fender or something.

Concentrate on the rails under the car, the hatch area and the floorpans...if you can't afford a full on restore job. The car might not look great by doing those first, but it'll be solid and you won't end up on the pavement.

If you wanna know how much rust can be repaired...try asking 26th-Z!

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