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280Z Engine wiring Harness to 240Z engine


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Evening Everyone

I just joined a few moments ago and I am already hitting you guys up for answers and advice; sorry!

I am installing what I beleive to be a 240 Z engine( triple webers) in my 1975 280Z ( I still have the FI engine ). The engine bay wiring harness is coiled up on the passenger side floor ( that's where it was when I bought the car).

I sent the starter and alternator from both engines to rebuild.

There seem to be a whole lot of quick clips on this harness.I don't see any where to connect these too. I'm hoping they are for the lights. That would certainly explain why there is so many.

I have a couple of haynes wiring diagram for both cars/ engines.Though I may need to buy a magnifying glass.

Any obvious wiring differences I should know about ?

I figure I would start with the battery leads, alternater connection, starter connection, neg and pos to coil, I have a thing that looks like an external voltage regulator.(found it in the trunk) kinda gold in colour.

I have heard that I might want to use the distributer fron the FI engine. So who's up for sage advice..I like lots of pictures and links.

Thanks Guys


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I just removed the harness from my car. I am gessing that most of the clips you are seeing a related to the fuel injectors and other connectors on the intake manifold. My car had an external voltage regulator for the coil. As far as the other stuff, I wont be much help.

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Great Stuff those links!

So i reviewed all the articles and formulated a plan

1)I will find a inernally regulated Alternater in Grenada and do the required changes to the harness.

2)I will plead and post untill I can find a distributer from an early 280zx

this is apparently very important as my set up has 3 webers.

3)I will need to lay my hands on that fuse block holder to replace my non existant fusible links.

4)I will get from somewherea ignition cylander with key.

Thanks for the help,


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