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Hey folks.

am excited to come across the site.

I have had my 72 24oz for over 10 years.

I got to drive on in 74 while in highschool ... so as you can imagine it became the car I always wanted.

Great car but now I want to explore a few options such as a msd system.

It has a 280 engine with electronic ignition now ... any suggestions?

I will add a photo of the engine once I figure out how. I did upload a couple of pics but an not sure they are properly attached to this message.



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Hey welcome to the board. There are a few posts here on adding an MSD, including on e I did recently on my 73'. Just use the search feature and you should find them easily.

I believe there is one in the tech articles as well. It too should come up when doing a search.

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Triple 44mm Mikuni! How sexy is that! Reserch your cam, Sir. If the former owner installed those valuble carbs, without following through, your performance could suffer compared to stock rather than excel.

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That is a mighty fine looking Z. Is it black or dark blue? Is the suspension stock? I don't know if the MSD is really worth it. It can't hurt but that money could provide greater reward.

Anyways what is your Z philosophy? Crazy fast? Daily driver? Weekend cruiser? An MSD wouldn't hurt, but if you really want performance then the money could be better spent.

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