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looking for custom lights


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Heres what i need. 4.5-5" circle tail lights. Similar to the skyline C110 lights. except i dont want them to stick out in the center like the skyline lights. I want the outer two lights to be brake and yellow center for signals. Inner two will be brake and reverse in the center as well. Perferably leds. any one know a good site? i checked ebay but no luck.

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And for anyone wanting an LED conversion on their standard Z lights, check out these guys. Awesome work. Anyway, they probably won't have anything there for you bemmerguy but you might like to email the webmaster Mike and ask if he knows where you might find some. He will probably be helpful.

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the only lights i can think of that are that sort of size with the indicators and stuff in the middle would be ferrari ones off like a 355, although they stick out also...but you could make them flush

at one stage i was thinking of going for r33 skyline lights and then putting leds around the top corner of the light panel for indicators like those mazeratis have, but ended up coming across these skyline lights and am slowly making a panel to fit them. the biggest pain was making them skinny enough to fit in, here's a photoshop of what my lights should end up looking like, although i'm thinking 240z lights with leds in them would be pretty cool instead, although i'd like to be different, but then being different is mayb just like being like every other ricey car hehe


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oh sorry i forgot to say what they are off, they're r33 4 door series 2 rear lights, i'd never noticed/seen them until i saw them for sale, as i'd always thought the 4 door skylines had those other style of lights.


people have said the back of my car is going to look like a 180sx type x (what would be the later 90's 240sx's in america), but yeah they are pretty similar to r32 lights, except they stick out instead of going in and the indicator light isn't just a rectangle and it also houses the reverse light so i dont have to worry about where to put that

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