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Needed: interior console part


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So, Nissan decided to make the console in the later 240K's a little bit wider it appears. That's great, but now the little metal surround that holds the gear boot under the console from my later parts car will not fit my early console. Short of getting a new console, I'd like to find a metal frame from an early car.

So does anyone have, or know of where I might get one? I've attached a picture of what the thing basically looks like. The early ones will look slightly different.

If all else fails I can modify this to fit, but I'd rather just have the right part to start with.


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Sorry, I should have mentioneded that info. The outer dimensions are 145x150 and the inner rectangle is 112x133. The inner part appears fine, just the outer that needs to be thinner to fit inside the console. I don't think your auto car will have one - mine didn't! But thanks all the same :)

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