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anyone buy a z new here???


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I am wondering it there are any members here who bought a z car when it was new (70 - 78) ? and if yes .. do you still have it.

I am also wondering if the car showed good oil presure on the guage when it was new ..

Cheers all ..Bruce

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I had a '70 that I bought in 1970 that had been wrecked. A guy had hit a post with the driver side rear Q panel and tore it up real bad. He was driving it with about 1 1/2" of rear toe-in. He was going to lose it to the bank so I bought it from him for $1000. I paid off his loan at the bank for $1100. I put a new Q panel on the car and straightened out the A-arm and the car looked like a new one. Now to your question... Yes! It had 50`cold, 40` oil pressure warm when driving and 10-15`when idling. A buddy of mine bought the Z and still has it. He put a 5-speed and a 280 engine in it.

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My Dad and Uncle bought Z's in the early 70's and they have told me that low indicated oil pressure was a known issue even back then.

The attachment is page 130 of Michael Hollander's book "The Complete Datsun Guide". It was published in 1979.

FWIW, I followed this advice on my 240Z and though the indicated oil pressure is higher, you should be aware that with the engine "OFF", but the Ignition Key turned to "ON" the indicated oil pressure is significantly above "0", so it doesn't appear to me that the change of sender results in greater accuracy under all conditions.


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Early oil pressure sending units were fubar and generated bogus readings (low side). Dealer would replace them with upgraded unit at no cost if you complained.

Yes, I bought my Series I 240Z new in Jan,'71 and still own it and it is on the road.

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