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I recently rebuilt my engine. I went with the stock N42 Head and block. .020" overbore with the flat top pistons for the 10:1 compression. I also went with a fairly agressive Schneider cam, springs, etc. I gapped the plugs to the stock gap for the 1975 model, but with all the changes would that be correct? What would the ideal gap be for this setup?

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Are you running the stock distributor? If you haven't made any changes to the ignition system gapping the plugs to the stock specs is probably a good starting point.

How many miles do you have on the rebuilt engine? Is it running good and is it in good tune? What do the plugs look like?

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It has about 4500 miles on it now. Everything is running great. Just switched it over to Mobil 1 a couple days ago. I have not pulled the plugs to check them recently, but everything seems to be in good working order. Ignition is still stock for now, but I was considering going to an upgraded box like the one that Motorsport sells. I am very pleased with the results of the build. I also switched to a later model ('81) 5-speed at the same time. It has good power, mileage, and top end. I imagine if I had kept the stock 4-speed it would be really fast off the line, but it does pretty well as is.

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