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74 260z


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I Just bought a 74 260z with 24,925 miles on the car for $1,000.00 (included is a 71 240z in the price.) The car has been sitting for about 11yrs. The car turns over and acts like it want's to start but won't start. What could the problem be. I think the carbs are gunked up. If they are how do I fix the problem?


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If you have carb problems, it's probably best to clean them thoroughly and rebuild them. Are these the flat top carbs, or the round tops? If they are round tops, here are a few recent threads on carb adjustment, and also starting an engine that has sat for a long time. There are a few things you should do before starting an engine that has sat for so long to prevent any problems and make starting it easier. See the second link for that.



Use the search function and you'll turn up a lot more information that may help. :geek:

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DeeDee, If you put half the energy into this car that you did in the ZX, I have no doubt it will be a sweet ride soon! Take your time a run through the ignition system first and then the Carbs.

Are you still having a warm winter in MN? I have a friend in Mankato, who told me she was BBQing, OUTSIDE in 68 Degree weather last month! How weird is that?

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Hey, what's up. The weather has been so nice that I just want to start working on the car. I and a friend who is a Nissan/Datsun junky went through the electrical part of the car. He is a electrical enginere, He owns Lightning Audio and Sound here in town. All the wiring is good in the engine bay, we tested all the wires. I noticed when we were trying to start the car that the choke lever is verrrrry loose like is wasn't doing any good.Could this be the problem?

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Since the car was sitting your first thing you should do is clean out the fuel lines and drop the tank and have it cleaned as well.

Remove your carbs, clean them up and rebuild them, set the floats and go from there. Old gas can become like glue and gum up a lot of stuff, and will make a car very hard to start.

Clean your fuel system up first and go from there.

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