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Very strange R180/4.11 differential results!!!

Da Flash

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I am in the middle of swapping my stock '71 240z 3.36 R180diff with one from a 85 N/A 200sx 4.11 R180. I followed the instructions thats are in the articles section which basically state that you have to install the threaded inserts into the side gears of the 4.11 diff. All seemed to go well but, I've noticed that when I spin half shaft, the other half shaft spins in the same direction (like a LSD diff)!!!

Now I know that that could be desirable for some but, I don't know what I could've done to accomplish this. The only thing that went differently than planned was that I couldn't reinstall the little block that goes on the big pin(in between the side and spider gears) that runs through the 200sx diff, with the addition of the threaded inserts it wouldn't fit anymore but, I figured (I know, that's when things usually go wrong:stupid: !!) since the 3.36 diff didn't have this part, that it wouldn't be neccesary in the newer diff.

Can anyone out there who has done this swap tell me is it normal to have the half shafts spin in the same direction?? What do you think I couldv'e done to get these results

For what it's worth the diff spins pretty easily by hand and I can't detect any binding or other unusual symptons!!

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Most all of the differentials will spin both safts when they are not under a load of varing torque from side to side. I could spin both wheel in a straight line from a start with my open diff, just not around a corner. If you can spin the shafts in opposite directions with your hands or spin the input shaft and hold one of the axels still then you do not have a LSD.

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Boy am I glad to hear that! I thought for sure that I screwed something up. I did notice that before I did the swap/mod that the 3.36 diff spun opposite and that the R200/3.90 diff that I have laying around spins opposite too. After further investigation, if I spin one shaft one way, someone can turn the other shaft the other way.

Thanks for your imput!!!

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