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rollbar/cage manufacturers?


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i have an engineer friend here locally to do the welding. he'd rather assemble something prefabbed, or rather he has expressed to me the cost benefit to assemble/weld something prefabbed as opposed to fab from scratch.

i got some info from autopower. i'll give them a call. thanks

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:bandit: You can check out Kirk racing products for a prefabed cage. Their web site is WWW.Kirkracing.com . I have used the cage and liked it a lot. It isn't that higher priced then some I have seen. I am now using a S&W rollbar (don't have the site address) in the current 240Z. A little on the heavy side, but not bad. You can also check out Autopower (619) 297-3300. Also check out I/O Port racing supply - WWW.IOPortRacing.com . Most of the sites list here are used by the SCCA crowd. The S&W rollbar is a 8 point bar and at this time I am adding the rest of the front cage to it. The car is at Young's welding right now. Hope to have it back by Monday. Good Luck with the one you pick out, Rich.:)

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