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Bout time I posted... C210 UK


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Well I thought I had better post a post on here considering I have been signed up for ages.

So Hi guys, I'm guessing most of you are down in OZ?

Any way heres some pics of the car etc.

Before I got the car around Nov 2003 time, I brought it in Jan 2004.




The start of my Turbo part collection. First Idea was a single turbo conversion.


Then a Twin Turbo Kit was brought.


Also got a Greddy / Trust REBIC II to use but now planning on using the HKS F-CON and GCC setup when I get a L20ET or L28ET ECU.

I think for the time beeing to get it back on the road quicker I am going to use a single Turbo setup as it wont cost me much to sort that out, then I will build a new engine for use with the Twin Turbo's.

But first on the list is to fully strip the bodie and make a few repairs and repaint in POR-15 and then back to Nissan Silver, as my car looks like this at the moment.

Test fitting of the intercooler. The lights, and other wing are now removed.


Got a few little holes to repair but should be easy due to where they are. But in general it isnt bad for almost 27 years old and living in pooy British weather.


Have got some of these to fit as well, but they are on my other car for now while this is off the road.


Thats it for now, any Q's just ask.


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Looks like a good looking body to start a project. The interior looks really clean and original. Great to be able to concentrate your resources on wheels, motor and body.

Enigma, I think the comment about most being from the southern hemisphere might have been made specifically to the 240K forum to which the thread was posted - I had to do a second read to work it out myself.

Look forward to hearing more from you Will as your project progresses. Like your vision with those sweet wheels and the motor improvements. Do you have any plans to match the performance potential with a commensurate suspension and brake upgrade?



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Well I think about 1800 or less? were sold from 1978 to 1981 in England. But mine came through Nissan.

Im planning on using S13 Silvia rear coilover's with custom made front coilovers, unless I can find somthing else to use with out modding for the front.

I have a set of S14a Silvia 4pot calipers for the front, I also have a partial 280ZX Wilwood kit but not sure if it will fit. Im planning on keeping the rear discs standard with uprated pads if I can find any.

Also for the time being its staying an auto, well untill I have the Twin Turbo setup on.


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Yes, they never made them in England.

I think what alfa means is were they sold from Nissan dealers in England, or is it a private import to the UK.

Geez talk about nitpicking!

The reason I ask is because you've got the Japanese tail lights (that's Japanese market to avoid further confusion). Did you put these on or was it the P.O.? Or an anomoly??

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I fitted them rear lights as the stock non Jap ones are icky esp having datsun in the middle instead of Skyline. I'm realy after the preface lift ones that dont spread accross the back so much and also tend to be chrome. But for now I'm happy with the late model ones on my early car.

O btw Alfadog I noticed you have some Red "GT" badges in your gallery for the side of the car, do you have the part numbers for the Blue one's by any chance?

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