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240K Handling

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    Hi guys,

    Remember this is from the export model parts manual. Matches up with what Kyteler says.

    I had a dig through a 1975 Japanese C110 parts CD, includes the KPGC110 but no paint info I could identify :( Tried the sales brochure too....still couldn't see anything to do with paint identity.

    There are a lot of pictures around of genuine KPGC110's in red. I see KYOSHO is releasing 1/18 scale versions in red, silver or white, and if their previous efforts with Nissans is anything to go by they should be quite accurate with colour matching, so maybe one of these in red could be a reasonable reference?



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    OK, I can now confirm 163 is the correct colour code for the GT-R red. The GT-Rs didn't get unique colours, just restricted, according to this information I found. Attached is a picture (poor quality, sorry, my good camera has run out of batteries) from a reproduction of the KPGC110 service manual (thanks to Alan Thomas). I added some clearer text of the actual numbers for readability!

    Cross referencing with the scan Jim posted (thanks Jim!) we can see that 258 is silver and 024 is white. So there we go!


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