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280Z Timing Question


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I just bought a timing light from Sears. It is the inductive pickup with the advance dial. I painted the notch on the pulley. What number (degrees) am I trying to line this up with on the timing scale for a 75 280Z. The manual says 7 degrees BTDC. That was new with no miles. The engine now has 150k plus. Also, am I supposed to dial in the desired number of degrees on my timing gun to match what I want on the timing scale before I adjust the distributor? Or do I leave the gun set at zero? The car runs, idles, and revs strong while parked but has no power when I drive it and it backfires through the AFM when I try to accelerate along with hesitation and choppy idle like a Big block Chevy. Car has NEW vacuum hoses, AFM, throttle switch, elec. fuel pump, fuel filter, and PCV. Thanks for your input.

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Did you set the TVS correctly? Valve adjust? Compression check? Plug wires /dist cap/ rotor.

Leave the dial on the back at 0. You're trying to line up the mark on the pulley with 7 on the timing scale to get the number you're talking about. I do believe, however, that you should be setting it at 10 degrees, not seven.

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It is hard to read the numbers on my timing scale. What is the number sequence? (75 280Z) I also forgot to add the distr. cap, rotor, plugs and wires have been changed recently also. There is a ticking from the valve area. I've been told it was valve lash out of adjustment but the car has recently gone faster/stronger with this issue.

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