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Carburator Diagram?


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My 72 240Z has the two stock SU carbs on it. a couple years ago i parked it and havn't ran it for about 6 years, when i start it up it sputters and backfires. my first thought is the carbs, does anybody have a diagram, tips, or any other ideas of what this could be

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Welcome Jake......For starters, be aware there is a search function on this site loaded with tons of info on just about any Z subject you might imagine! Regarding your Z's running condition, drain the old fuel out and replace with fresh fuel......do a basic tune-up! If you don't already own a repair manual, get one and become familiar with your Z. This question is asked regularly, so your not alone.....just do some reading and then get-R-done!

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You might want to do a basic tune up: points, plugs, cap & rotor, air filter, fuel filter, maybe the plug wires & coil if spark is weak. The carbs could probably use a good cleaning, especially if fuel has been sitting in the float bowls for 6 years. They may need to be rebuilt. Also, you might want to adjust the valves. Check the timing if you can keep the engine running.

My '73 has an electric fuel pump back by the fuel tank. Not sure if the '72 has this. If so, the pump has a fuel filter inside that I'd recommend replacing. It can get clogged with sediment from the tank and restrict fuel flow.

A few other items to consider:

Drain the old coolant out & re-fill with new coolant. Replace the radiator hoses.

Change the oil.

Check the brakes (pads, fluid & hoses, calipers, wheel cylinders, rotors & drums). Brake fluid absorbs moisture, you might consider flushing the old fluid out of the brake system and re-fill with new fluid.

Replace the fan belts.

How's the suspension, struts, springs, bushings, etc?

What kind of shape is your Z in? Post some pics, and keep us updated with your progress!

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