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Hello everyone, I'm back from my summer disappearance. Music has always been my number one priority, so I really didn't have much time on my hands for my cars. I drove the orange car alot, but no work was done to her sister. I went back to school two weeks ago and honest to god, the second I walked in, I wanted to work on the car so bad.

So I'm at it again, I cleaned out my garage, and it's like a fresh start. I have been all over the site for the past week or so, to shy to say anything, but I'm here.

About my baby: she's totally gutted, and there are four things I still need to do. Remove that engine, remove gas tank, remove master cylinder and brake lines, and get that tar mat insulation out of the inside. After that I may do body work. If not I'll send it out to have body work and paint done.

Okay I'm done!



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I'm still not sure of the color. I have always been very fond of that lime yellow, It's terribly fun and exciting. It screams "the 70's" though, and I'm looking to build a more subtle car. I have been thinking along the lines of a dark green. But it's not set in stone.

Thanks for the replies.

Here are some pics of the pretty one.




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