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checking componontes?


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hi, i have questions about:

1- cold start valve

2- air regulator

3- throttle valve switch

1- is it a right way to check the cold start switch by connecting it directly to the battery and listen to it weather it is clicking or not? and how can i check its operation in the system? when should it operate so i can use a voltmeter on its terminal?

2- how to chcek my air regulator? i noticed that it is printed 70 ohms on its socket, i measured it and it was 70, but i connected it to the battery and nothing happened, is it damaged? how to chcek it and how to check wether it is controlled or not..

3- how to adjust the throttle valve switch? and if anybody knows what it its funcion plz tell me, coz I played with its position and nothing happenned, a difference in idle occures when i turned it with a screw driver out of the thottle body, just a slight difference..

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