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"Removable Steering U joints"


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Need some help in the "how to remove these" department

take a look.


I've tried the method using two sockets, one larger than the bushing, 1 smaller than the bushing, press them out with a vice... doesn't seem to do any good.

Anyone else have a better method to removing these?


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I do not believe that is a replaceable U-joint. WAY back in the late '70s, I was trying to get rid of shimmy on my '71 240Z, and thought that joint was sloppy. Even back then, the best I could do was grab one off a parts car that looked better.

I actually found an entire NOS assembly with that U-joint last year on e-bay. Going into my 240Z restoration now...

Oh, and BTW, on my '71 all those years ago - it wasn't the problem...

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They are cheap and I might as well replace it while its out of the car?

EDIT: I thought they were at least, now that you've asked I can't seem to find where I found the replacement part. I thought VB had them, but looking in their catalog I now can't seem to find them. Either way, its not that they need replacing so much as it is what I said in the next paragraph.

I don't really have a solid answer. I was going to paint the steering column shaft while it was out of the car to match the rest of the suspension, semi-gloss black. Would prevent anymore corrosion from forming, I've wire brushed and steel wooled most of the rust/corrosion/dirt off the shaft and wanted to paint it, but I didn't want to paint over the joint shown while it was together, figuring that the first time it was moved it would chip the paint....

No circlips, its supposed to be a press fit, and I've seen a few how-to's on how to remove them... but they don't work. I'm thinking the how-to's might have been for a different year, which may have had a slightly different u-joint here.

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