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1976 280zx


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Hi, i recently bought a 1972 240z however the resto project turned out terrible... the car ended up being a rust bucket. I was searching local ads and found a 1976 Datsun 280zx coupe. Its a project car, and i was wondering if there is anything i should pay attention to other than the obvious rotted floor pans, and frame rails before i purchase it. Also i havent seen anyone with a 76 280zx only 81 and on. Is there such a thing? Im only familiar with 240's. If anyone has a couple pics of a 76 280zx i would like to see em aswell

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A '76 280ZX doesn't exist. The 280ZX was introduced in '79 and is a bigger, heavier car than the 240-280Z's. So, the seller has his wires crossed. If the car is a '76 280Z, the rust issues are the same as with the earlier Z's, including the hatch opening area above the taillights and inder the rear bumper at the corners. Also, I believe a 280Z is a less complicated car to trouble shoot for repairs and easier to work on. It has less "stuff" in the engine bay and under the dash to contend with.

Good luck with this and let us know what you find. :cheeky:

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