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Turbo junky question....

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Now here is a question for all you turbo junkys......

From my understand the compression on a stock turbo with a P90 head and dished pistons is 7.8:1 correct ( sorry if im a little off thats from memory )

When you mix flat top pistons with a p79 head produces an estimated compression ratio of 8.8:1.....

now here is the question...

What if you were to take flat top pistons and a P79 and installed them on a turbo for the compression ratio of 8.8 : 1....this would increase your torque over what you used to have because of the raised CR ( right? ) but still be a low enough compression that with an intercooler could produced the high end power of a turbo motor? now i dont know if this has been done and its just a theory on my part. Let me know what you think....

So basically im saying could you use a P79 cycl head and flat-top pistons for a turbo and produce MORE power ( torque and maybe HP ) than a stock turbo?


P.S sorry if i post in 2 spots, better chance of getting a good answer

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