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72 240z with 73 carbs


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I have a recently purchased 72 240z. I just noticed it has carbs off of a 73. The junky Hitachi carbs (Flat Top). I want to put the originals on, but need a few answers first. Do I need to replace the manifold to fit the older carbs? Anything else I should know about the carb switch? Thanks for your help.

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No your present intake manifold is fine , in fact if it is a #36 some people think that it is better than most. You will need to do some changes in the linkage and I f you are running the stock air cleaner that also needs to be from the early carbs. Thats all I can think of. My '73 has the early SUs , they are simple and work great ! ! You should be able to come up with a set for $ 100. to $150. I know of a complete set that are good , he has a the whole setup let me know if you want his address.. ZZZZZEEEE ya .

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What is the build date of your '72 240Z with flat top carbs? I am just curious if it is a '73 model car registered as a '72. Shouldn't be too much trouble to swich, beandip is correct you will want the air cleaner that goes with the early carbs.

Have fun!

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