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Rebuilt 5 speed


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Just finished rebuilding my 1980 ZX 5 speed that I have in my 1973 240. Was able to get the rebuild kit on Ebay for $50 which included all the bearings, drive shaft bushing, seals, and gaskets, and purchased the synchros for $60. Fortunately I had the help of my brother in law who is a professional old car mechanic(from 1900 to very early smog years only), otherwise I would probably still be flailing away at it. So nice to have access to all the tools you could think of and the experience of an excellent mechanic to draw on. The tranny now works very smoothly with no bearing noise. Drove it back from CA to CO with no problems(quite thankfull I didn't break down in Ludlow CA or some such hell hole, especially with no air conditioning). Victor. :)

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Good job. :) How do you find the ratios in the 280zx box? I *think* I had a 280zx box in my 240z and I always noticed the 2nd to 3rd change was a killer. I've since replaced it with a 240z but and things seem much nicer. :)


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Actually I put the 5 speed in to get the higher 5th gear to get my gas mileage up, my differential being a 3.90. I was getting between 18 and 19 mpg with the 4 speed, am now getting between 22 and 23. This is highway mileage. The cabin noise was significantly reduced with the lower RPMs. Could undoubtedly get even better mileage if I replaced the 3 webers with the SUs. but I do like the looks of the triples. Victor.

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