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Turbo Charger on eBay... Good Deal or Not?


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Well, assuming you have a 280ZX or a car with a swapped L28 280ZX motor with a turbo P79/P90/P90a head and fuel injection...........

The turbo is nice. The turbine is a 57 trim wheel and the compressor is a 50, so it is matched pretty close for a hybrid. I would guess max boost for this turbo would be near 26-28 psi, but that is just a rough estimate.

If you look on the hot side (compressor side) it looks a little bite more used that he has suggested.

What engine setup do you have? You have to turbo-match it correctly and make sure your engine can support this turbo. Do you already have an upgraded fuel system, intercooler, downpipe, uppipe, exhaust manifold, blow-off valve, boost controller, etc? Because this just a turbo, not a complete kit of course.

Anyways get back to us and we can help with more specifications on your car.


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few points

1) The compressor is the side that is not attached to the exhaust, ie, the shiny side in the pics, or `the cold side'.

2) The turbine is the other side. :D The turbine extracts energy from the exhaust gas flow and transfers it down the shaft to the compressor.

3) The compressor's trim is 57. This implies I believe that he is using a TO4E 57 trim compressor wheel (as opposed to the TO4B series of compressor wheels) compressor map is there: http://www.turbofast.com.au/FlowTO4E.html Looking at this graph you can see that the absolute maximum boost pressure this turbo will flow is 2.2 bar (32psi). However, it will flow enough air to make around 370hp (37lb/min) at that boost pressure. At lower boost, say, 1.5 bar (22psi) it will flow enough to make its full potential of around 440hp (44lb/min).

This turbo would go great on any L6 combination, as Dave mentioned, aslong as you have the support systems capable of driving it. As Dave says, give us more details for more answers/opinions.


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I would HIGHLY recommend this guy.. as he built a twin turbo 260Z... and a turbo 240Z... many members from www.hybridz.org and www.zcar.com bought turbo's from him with excellent service and prices...

watch out for those eBay turbo's... they are usually knock offs.. low quality.. and are cheaply made...

when you spend that much for a turbo.. the extra few bucks guaranteeing you satisfaction and a warrenty is worth it

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