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Bald rear tires

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So its been a little bit since I was on the boards. Had a baby, getting ready to have another; and looking to get my Z running again. Well it has been running, but I digress.

The rear wheels are bald. It didn't take long either. I suspect the alignment is off. Both tires (actually all 4 tires) were nearly new until I changed from my '73 240Z to my '75 280Z. After about a year the rear tires went bald over time. Total miles since the switch onto this car, perhaps 12000.

So obviously I need new tires BF Goodrichs. The question is should I just align it? Should I get new struts and springs and then align it and get new tires? I also have a good rear end clunk that (probably) isn't helping.

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The odd thing is with the rear clunk being as bad as it is, I've been babying the car and never really stepped on it. Odd, aye? I know the struts and springs are shot and I suspect a good alignment was never done. Anyway I'm thinking of getting new wheels for it so this might be a good time.

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:ermm: I'll bet that the rear "clunk" can be taken care of by replacing the "mustache bar" bushings. I know, on visual inspection they look fine. Thing is, they torque with such force, that they cut through the old spongey rubber and leave the exterior looking fairly normal. Motorsport or Vic british can set you up for a reasonable sum, but in the meantime try cutting a hole out of an old steel belted radial tire...( use a hole saw that you don't mind losing), use that circular piece of rubber to create a temporary pad. You will smile at how simple it is really to tighten-up that clunk. I have heard it blamed on lots of things, but most often, it's mustache bar bushings. Remember, the movement is sharpe, and quick at that bushing, and when you finally see the steel pieces that are shinny from constantly hammering against each other behind that old bushing, you may not believe me. Hope that was it. Let me know...

72' 240

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