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Door Lock Needed


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My driver door lock on the '70 240Z doesn't work. It'll unlock the door but not lock it. I removed it from the door, lubed it, and tried working the key back and forth; but it didn't help. I checked MSA, Too Intense, & VB. The didn't seem to have them. Do you know who may?

BTW, I searched eBay and found these (hope the link works, never posted one before).

ebay lock

I'm not sure they'd fit. What do you think? My door key is shorter than the keys in the photo. The seller says they're new but the clips look rusty to me.

Thanks in advanced.


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They should fit in the doors and work with the supplied keys, but I doubt that you would be able to have them re-keyed to match your Ignition/hatch/glovebox.

There are several different variations of these locks. Early 240Z's used single sided keys (and I believe there were a couple of different styles of single sided keys/locks), later 240Z's used double sided keys.

I'm not sure what your options are now days. In Oct 03 I bought a complete lockset (Doors, Ign, Hatch, Glovebox) from Courtesy Nissan and they indicated at that time that they were selling their last stock of these and the locksets would be NLA when the 5 sets they had were gone.

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