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Eliminating Hoses and other S......


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I've seen several beautiful Z fuel injected motors that are super clean and simple (like my brain!). Many of the hoses and smog paraphanalia are removed. Does anyone have advice as to what is extranious and can safely be removed? Will motor run better?

Great site. Cheers to all. David

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Just read this very heated thread and hope it doesn't apply here. I apologize if that is the case. (My question has lots of views but no replies.)

I have done (and always) do web searches and book research on any subject I'm interested in before I tap into the wealth of experience on this and other forums.

As someone new to Zs, I look to the forum to help folks like me not to make the same mistakes that other have already made and resolved. Many issues are not covered in a shop manual, especially non-stock mods or Z problems.

My thanks to those that make this such a great resource.

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I would hazard a guess that the ones you have seen haven't been running the standard computer. I brought an L28E manifold and immediately ripped ALL the crap off it as I didn't need it, see attachment for what it looks like now.

Aftermarket ECUs typically don't use the cold-start stuff that you find on factory systems. Though ECUs these days are allowing for idle stepper motors and what not. Basically, everything on a factory system is there for a reason, don't go pulling things off if you don't know what it'll do.



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Hello slightly twisted Dave,

Very nice set up on your Z motor. Of course I don't have one of those swirly, spinning, whirring thingies in the bottom right hand corner of the photo...hum. Air conditioning?? He He He just kidding. Thanks for your input.

I am enjoying my little project car. All my cars and motorbikes since I was 14 have been "projects". Mostly out of neccessity. However, this is my first car that wasn't my ONLY car/daily driver. Also for the first time I have a garage! Again, thanks and enjoy the ride, David

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