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Twisting off alot of bolts!


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I have taken off the head light buckets and front fenders and just in that little bit i have twisted off alot of bolts, just wondering if this is happening to alot of you. I'm not worried about it i have all the tools to tap them out, just wanted to know if there is somthing i should be doing to prevent this. I am using penetrating oil and leting soak for hours if not days and spraying it several times. Any ideas or just keep twisting away??

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Unfortunately, that is the part of the Z that is the MOST prone for twisting off bolts.

The Headlight Buckets (aka Sugar Scoops) have the screw part of the stud exposed to the grime and moisture in the wheel well area. Supposedly originally there were thread caps (little plastic / rubber caps), but I've never seen one still on the car and unfortunately the threads are rusted.

Additionally, they're really small nuts and bolts in the headlight area. Bet you also had a hard time on the lower fender bolts just in front of the doors.

When I've been really worried about twisting off a screw or bolt, I've used a penetrating oil, and then instead of trying to unscrew it in one sitting, I'll loosen by one degree or two, then tighten, keeping this cycle up, so that the oil can work it's way in. It doesn't always work, and sometimes the loosening and tightening is just the twisting in small scale.

You can use heat, but be EXTREMELY careful. Especially if you've used penetrating oil. You do NOT want a fire in there.

Wish I had better news for you.


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