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My Rear-Ending Story


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Hi guys, last September, my '76 Z was rear ended while taking a drive with my girlfriend. We had decided to take a cruise around town at about 8PM, so we did. It was also the day before school started at the local University. During the drive, we saw a beautiful FD (3rd gen) RX7, and we got 2 cars behind it. I wanted to get a closer look as well.

We approached an intersection and were puzzled which way the FD was going to go, so we were going to pull off into a parking lot and figure out which way to go next. As we pulled into the lot, BANG, the rear passenger's side of the car was plowed by a GMC Envoy SUV, naturally an eager university student rushing off to his girlfriend's house. Ironically, the man in the FD came into the lot to ask if we were alright, which both my grilfriend and I were. But car was looking not too good.

Over the next 2 months, I was on the phone dealing with both insurance companies, and by the grace of God, won the case and my car was not totalled. In fact, I got to keep $500 dollars extra.

The car has been fixed, and I helped because at the time I was working part time at a body shop, though I don't think it will ever be the same. There's a small paint ripple in the roof (from repainting the roof as well, also matched paint was subpar.) and the pass. side bumper shock was bent down so we had to slot the holes substantially to get the bumper to sit right. (apperantly those bumper shock bolts are a real pain to get to anyway.) I still want to make my Z better and better though, and to tell you the truth, this website helps it all become possible.

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Glad to hear you got yours paid for. This girl backed into the wheel flair right behind the driver side door and put a nice dent in it. She decided to drive off as well. I got the tag # and everything, and even after getting insurance info, it doens't look like they are gonna pay. basicly, im screwed.

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Well, that doesn't sound right. It's obvious that the other party's insurance company is going to put up a fight. For example, in my case, the other party wanted to pin it all on me because I was in the wrong "imaginary lane" so I called them 4 times a week, talking to their adjuster and telling them my side of the story. You've gotta hold your ground, and you've gotta let them know that it wasn't your fault.

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