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83ZX Won't start


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I am new to the forum and made another post in the tech area and find out now after "wading" around that I put it in the wrong forum. I have an 83ZX that had an intermittant starting problem (having to turn the key more than once to get it to start) to now not starting at all. All I get is what sounds like a relay click from the inside on the passenger side of the car. The dash lights dim, but the interior lights and low oil pressue light do not.

The battery and Starter have both been bench/load tested and are good. I have 12 volts to the large terminal from the battery to the starter, and the ignition side of the distributor in the "on" position. I do not have any voltage to the other terminal on the solonoid where the yellow starter wire is attached. I put a jumper wire from the distributor on the ignition side just to see if the starter would turn over and it does with the key in the "on" position. It also turns over with a push button starter switch hooked up on the solonoid. I was told to check the brown fuseable link on the passenger side fender well and it is O.K. I do not have a manual, and I guess the question is what is between the ignition switch and the Yellow wire on the solonoid? My next stop is an electrical shop and I hope to avoid that deep-dig in the check-book? I suppose I could put a push botton starter switch, but that's not a good solution for me asthetically.. Appreciate any help...



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