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Toyota Supra Injectors - 440cc - Um.. any performance gain in an N/A???


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Hey guys...

I am slowly building up my parts for a kick arse turbo conversion...

my latest bunch of parts i just purchased was a set of low impedance 440cc injectors from a Toyota Supra Turbo..

Now i still have a LONG way to go, and alot of parts to get untill my conversion is complete.. but untill then....

if I hook up those 440cc injectors and a new fuel rail.. will I be looking at any performance gains? I have a stock N47 engine.. with just intake and exhuast...

But i figured.. ehh.. why not give it a try... maybe I can use these now...

If i am not looking at any performance gains with pluggin the injectors straight in.. how can I achieve some performance gains?

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The stock ecu cannot handle additional airflow and fuel by use of bigger throttlebody and turbo injectors.... you need independantly controlled EFI system(Megasquirt or equivalent).

I don't believe that's a true statement. The 77 has a Big Mouth TB (60mm). The intake has been reamed out to match the TB. Cold air induction as also been added. The car is built from bottom end up and it's using stock injectors, which are preforming fine. The 77 has a new ECU from MSA also. The newest mod was the installation of the MSD 6AL ignition. Noticed an increase in rev response but we haven't taken the car out on the road yet for a beat run. Been too busy. Maybe today if it's not so rainy and cold outside.



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Good thoughts on both accounts, but Vicky is right in this instance, there is some "room" in the original ECM, but not loads of it, there is a point not to far off that the ECM will not be able to handle, and fine tuneing the additions above will probably be on the other side, but gains can be had in getting closer than the stock volumes of gas and air, as long as the ratio of one to the other going into the engine(before the ECM has to do its thing) are not to far out of whack.


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