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I need help on my bumper


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Hello i finally got a all day to work on my car and boy was it a job. Or better words still a job. I really dont care i am having a blast toying with the car. I have a 1974 260z. I took off the rear bumper and my question is how do u get those T members off.(the things that bolt on the bumper from the rear) Do they unscrew off or do i need to take the gas tank off and unbolt them off. I just need some help before i do something stupid :tapemouth . the only real problem i had today was some rusty strip screws i had to get out. They were on the center console in the far back. The 3 of them where a bi0tch to get off. I guess the owner strip the hell out of them and just forgot about them. nothing i had could get these things to turn. so i did the next best thing i drilled a little in them fit the screw driver and and twisted the hell out of them. Of course the help of a rubber hammer to push the driver down far enough so i would not strip it even more. After a hour and a half of work i found victory in getting 3 a$$h*&e scew out :stupid: . I am in debate right now to either patch the floor or just get some replacement floor pans :dead: . I can say that the floor pans are not in the best of shape but are ok. i knocked off all the the lose crap. i can put my weight on it and nothing happens. of course i have not got to the driver side yet but from the bottom of the car it looks like the passanger had the worse case of rust. Does anyone know what the black crap that put on the inside of the car. this stuff is stuck on the pans. i am just wondering if this was a cheap way of fixing some holes. my rocker panel has like a dime size hole in do u recomend taken it off or just weld a patch for it? But i do have to say the rear of the car looks so sexy with out the bumper. i have an early 260z so its the small bumper is what i was told. :cheeky:

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yea i made sure i did not break anything. the bumper is in awesome condition its just i want to have a personal look. i have all hardware and screws for it just i need to know how to get that little things off. everytime i would gigle it sand out come out. i laugh bc i took a cup and almost got it half way full with sand. the car was a daily driver so i guess sand was up in it.

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I took off the rear bumper and my question is how do u get those T members off.(the things that bolt on the bumper from the rear) Do they unscrew off or do i need to take the gas tank off and unbolt them off.

Once you get the bumper off you should notice two 14mm bolts holding each bumper bracket to the body. I would suggest spraying some penetrating oil on both sides of the bolts before you start. "PB Blaster" is pretty good stuff and available at your automotive supply store (don't waste your time with WD-40).

For your rust spots if you can patch it then that's the easiest way. Cut out the "cancer" then make a patch the same size as the hole and butt weld it. I wouldn't suggest overlapping the sheet metal as that would just create a place for rust to fester. Replacing the floor pans isn't as easy as you would think. It needs to be done right. Measuring, cutting, measuring, grinding, measuring, welding, measuring, grinding, measuring, you get my drift.

Oh yea, the black crap is asphalt base sound deadner/insulator. It is factory installed. There are several threads discussing the removal and replacement of it.

Good luck

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It sounds like your car has shock absorbers for bumper brackets. I'm not familiar with the 260Z. Sorry, I thought you had plain metal brackets.

Edit: Here are some pictures of the 240 brackets that I thought you had. Top and bottom view.



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