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differential question

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I need to replace or repair the diff on my '72. Current diff is a R180 and think it should be fine to replace with same. Where should I get one? How do I know to get a good one? How much will/should it cost? Is it difficult to replace it myself? If the stub axels need to be replaced should I do this at the same time? For the stub axles is this really a U-Joint issue or do the entire axles need to be replaced?

Thanks for your input.

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Differential, Halfshafts, Stub Axles are separate parts. If you are refering to the Halfshafts, then the issue is almost always just U-joints. If you are refering to the Stub Axles (contained in the Strut Housing) the problem is usually worn wheel bearings. If you need a differential, I'd check the used parts forum here or at another place like ZCAR.COM for a used unit cheep.

Good Luck, Carl

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John, when I drive the car there is a fairly loud whining sound. Also, the mechanic said that the diff was worn and should be replaced. I got a free diff from someone and I need to figure out if it is good. Any ideas? thanks!

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