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Spring Recommendations???

Marty Rogan

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Hi All,

I am in the planning stages now for a suspension upgrade that I want to do over the long winter hibernation here in Chicago.

The car is an early '71. I use it for street driving and about 1 high speed autocross a month at the track.

Right now the car has Koni shocks front and back, stiffer competition sway bars front and back, and as best i can tell, it still has the stock springs. It actually handles pretty nice and corners fairly flat with this setup. With the original bushings still in there, I think there is room for improvement.

I plan on keeping the Koni's and the sway bars. I have already acquired Energy Suspension PU bushings. While I have it apart I plan on painting everything with POR-15, replace the ball joints and the outer tie rod ends. So, it seems like I should replace the springs while I have it apart. I was looking at the Arizona Z Car Sport Springs. They are rated at 180 lbs. front / 200 lbs. rear. They don't lower the car at all. At about $200 a set, they don't sound bad.

Anybody out there have experieince with these springs? Would like to hear your impressions. If not, are there any other brands that you would recommend? Any other suggestions to improve my set-up?



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You will be shocked at what replacing those 30+ year old bushigs will do. Springs, in my opinion, are a must as well.

Enjoy the turns next summer. I have a similar setup and live in the mountains...plenty of great twisty roads here and I don't think I could ask for a better handeling ride.(I'll know for sure when i can afford my coilovers...can't wait)


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