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For no particular reason.


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Hey guys. I went for a great drive today, up to Mt Glorious which is only about 30mins away from where I live. Lots of twisty steep turns, with a few bits of level drives in between. I really enjoyed giving the zed a run, and I was thinking about making it a regular thing, as I have fridays off :D . For me it just re-inforced what a fantastic car the zed is.

This let me to the question that how many of you, and how regularly to you just "go for a drive" for no particular reason. Do you make a day of it or just a couple of hours?

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G'Day Luke,

Mate, I drive "Precious" two or three times a week. She might be a pretty little classic but, like any car, was never meant to sit in a garage for weeks on end, she was meant to be DRIVEN.

That's why I have her on normal rego, not club rego. There are far too many restrictions with club rego. I want to be able to take her out for a spin any time I like.


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