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Energy Suspension bushing kit

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I'm installing an energy suspension kit on my rear control arms on the a-frame. The arm connects to the base of the shock by means of a spindle. I have the bushings fitted to the control arm, but noticed that the bushings appear to be to thick. I've read other articles for other kits that sounds like maybe I should sand down the bushings a bit so it will mount up with the rear wheel assembly. Does anyone know if this is safe or had to do this to their energy suspension kit??? Again this is the bushing between the less wider part of the control arm and the wheel assembly. They are polyurethene bushings. Any help would be appreciated!

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I encountered same problem with the Energy Suspension Poly bushings back in May. Solution is to measure the mating parts and calculate how tight they are. Target for line-on-line fit and sand the flange of each bushing to remove material. Best to do it with bushing out of transverse link ..... use a 100 grit paper on flat surface and move bushing in circular motion. I reduced flange thickness on each bushing by .030. Assembly of link to hub was no problem after rework.

I did call Energy Suspension in San Clemente, Ca and their Tech agreed with the sanding solution.

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