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Steering wheel replacement

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How involved is it to change my steering wheel in my '73 240Z? I have a really sweet original wood steering wheel installed now. Yes I know, why woud I want to? Page 28 in the new Motorsport catalog should answer this question. I really want that Autocross D-shaped wheel. I'm such a sucker for gimmicks. Anycase, is it a tough job? What tools are required? Any suggestions?


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the replacement is quite easy just be sure to stop by Auto Zone and loan out a 3 arm puller. This tool is needed to remove the old wheel from your Z The new wheel will come with and install kit which will allow you to install with minimal effort. Be sure to watch the wire that attaches to the horn button, (disconnect the Battery or the horn will sound when grounded. Also make sure your tires are straight when installing the wheel or it will be offcenter when you start driving.

Maybe we could hookup some time I'm over here in NW Arkansas about 2 hours away. LMK Good luck


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