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Door panel trim question


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I've been busy working on my inner door panels. As I've mentioned here before my car was originally #113 green with a tan interior but had been re-painted a couple of times before I bought it in 1985. At that time it was silver with a black interior.

I'm now converting the interior to gray and spent a lot of time removing the old black vinyl dye (which was in bad shape) with acetone before using SEM dye to turn it gray. Sometime in the past (probably when the interior was changed to black) the foil trim on the panels went missing. I used a trick mentioned somewhere here in the past of using a polished piece of metal tape cut to the proper width. They actually came out amazingly good if I do say so.

My question: The foil covers the rounded ridge running along the door but what about the groove seen in the bottom of the attached picture? Was it originally just the color of the vinyl or was there some contrasting color in there?


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That groove is just left plain and serves no real purpose, just to collect more dirt i guess. I replaced my foil with this chrome foil tape sold in a large rool at Ace Hardware. It's very pliable and looks great. About 4 bucks for the roll. I tried looking for the thinner stuff for models that everyone talks about but i could never find it at ANY hobby store. :(

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