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Starter/ignition switch problem???


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This has been bugging me for awhile. Frequently when I go to start the car, everything is dead-nothing. I have traced a solution but it does not work every time. The wire from the harness (comes from the ignition switch I believe) that connects to the magnetic switch terminal on the starter can be wiggled and I can start the car. I pared the wire back a bit and put a new connector on it and I now get a better connection but the problem persists. Occasionally I get one clunk out of the starter before eveything dies. Any thoughts on this? Rebuild starter, new starter, ignition switch???

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I would recommend cleaning/fresh surface all ends of the battery +/- make sure the cables are good and not corrosion wicked. Have the battery tested. Should it be the starter/solenoid you will want this done anyway. Intermit problems can make you think you're on the trail, but so can bad starters:stupid: Tired of playing with it? A new starter/solenoid and new battery cables and odds are you won't have the problem again for years.

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