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More street/daily driver for my 240z


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Hi, people. Ohh well I finally purchased my dream z. It looks soo good in the engine bay etc. However, the car is for the auto cross or track. I am not sure privious owner was planing this setting for autocross or ITS. What do you think?

Anyway, I would like to use the z for daily or more streetable. Is it possable? Do I have to back to SU Hitachi? Get a stock cam? Get 2.5 pipe with more quieter muffler?

Giving up the daily driver?

The setting of my 240z:

1. factory (Nissan) rebult L 28 engine and P 79 head with mild cam which installed by the Japanese car club(formely called the z clinic) in Dublin California.

2. triple weber was installed by the Japanese car club, and various tune up and adjustment performed by the Dando's Automotives at Fremont, California and Rebello Racing. OK privious owner who spent rejet/ajustment of the weber cab near $2000 last 3 years with only 3000 miles.

3. It is seems like 77-79 rebult 5 speed transmission installed by the Japanse car club same time as the engine installed.

4. 1986 300zx turbo clutch assembly and 2x2 flywheel, 77 280z electric distributor with ignition, MSD multiple discharger.

5. Motor sports header(156012JN) with 3 incn pipe and Dynamax muffler.

6. I love the suspention and brakes

Ebach lowring springs and Tokico struts. MSA 4 piston caliper with cross drilled front rotors.

7. MSD multiple discharger but the tach does't work due to some internal issue.

Any suggestion?:(:cheeky:

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Sounds like what most of us here would consider a great street car.:love:

If the suspension is one you can live with on the street, the rest is just icing on the cake.

MSD's can be a pain trying to get the tach to work, but, I've seen it done. Try hooking it up like you would on a stock ignition and see if it works. The guy who built the ITS car I have was told the tach wouldn't work with the MSD, yet he hooked it up and it worked fine until he swapped out the tach for a better one.:ermm:

As far as the exhaust, it's gonna be a trial and error to find a muffler you're satisfied with. It just depends on how much you want to hear.

You could try one of the "Turbo" style mufflers such as what MSA sells in the kit.

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Sounds like a sweet set-up. Drive the thing. See how it treats you on the street. Some things to look out for:

Does it idle good?

Does it overheat when your in traffic?

Is it too loud for your neighbors?


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OK. during the traffic jam/bumper to bumper, there is no over heat, but when I was driving 80-85 mph. the water temp gage stayed closed 75%, way past the middle line, say 200 degree.

Secondaly, when I was in the bumper to bumber/stop and go, the car did not have smooth start. When I depressed accelaration pedal, the engine stumble/hesitate. Once the car got over 2000rpm, I don't feel nor it(carb or cam?) does not ocuur the stumble/hesitation.

Oh well, I spend soo many hours yesterady on the previous thread discussed gas fume in the car. I got an idea that I will replace the gas tank vent hose or plug the vapor vent lines which Rick Salia did past month.

Excuse me my grammer, just like z, I am from Japan.

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Thanks too many Z and Ed.

I feel way better. You know I am glad I did not buy the fake Bob Sharp Racing car. I love this Z. Whenever I take a picture, I could have done today because I was busy driving the z. I will post my new z pictures.


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