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I-5 MSA caravan


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Northern California Zers

The MSA event is two weeks away !!!

I have a tentative trip schedule for the ZONC caravan to the MSA event. Currently it's loose (except for the start time) as far as exact meeting places, but here goes.

Friday, April 23rd:

7:30 AM Leave Flag City at the I-5 highway 12 junction (South of Sacramento) Good place for breakfast if you arrive early

8:30 AM Westly rest stop to pick up Bay Area and Tracy/Modesto Contingent

10:00AM Santa Nella for South bay contingent and those from Merced, Turlock area (at the Ramada Inn parking area, Highway 33 at I-5)

We will be in the area of Harris Ranch Restaurant about noon and we can stop for lunch, walk, etc

2:00PM Grapevine (just south of the I-5 /99 junction) for south San Joaquin Valley people.

If traffic is light at that time of day should pull into Orange at 4:00 - 4:30.

If anyone plans on joining up with us, contact:

Ron Fuller cvzonc@hotmail.com

so we know what to expect. Should be a fun trip!!

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