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fuel pump???


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hey guys, im a newbie to this site n to the whole Z scene in general. i usually frequent the celica forums for thats my daily driver. 2 weeks ago i bought a 280z as a project car. ive been workin on it lately (replacing hoses and stuff) and yesterday i thought i was ready to fire her up. i got it cranking n everything seems to work...except that i have no fuel coming through the line. now i know that the 76 has an electronic fuel pump, so i ran a volt meter to it while cranking to see if there was any current flow and i found there was none. i know there are fuses and stuff that are located on the same circuit...problem is that i have NO idea where theyre located (car was left out in field for the past 4 years...major dirt/spiders/missing n cut wires). so yea, if anyone has any insight on this problem or can tell me where the fuses are located, id greatly appreciate it. thanks

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well...i took all the suggestions i got n checkd all the relays and connections...but ended up with nothing. couldnt find out what was wrong with it. so yea...i got tired of that so i just decided on setting it up to operate by a switch. works fine. i got fuel runnin...but still no start :disappoin ...still workin on it tho. thanks for ur help guys

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