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78 280Z for sale


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Seems like a nice car. The problem you have is it is priced near the mid to top of the range. From what I have seen, most of the buyers here are looking for a bargain at lower price. Of course, as we both know, those bargains probably cost more in the long run.

Have you listed it on Zcar.com?

It allows ads that might help. I picked my '78 up from a ZCar.com listing.

Good Luck,


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Anyone not local to you has to add $800 or so for shipping or some way to get it to them, so your asking price is really around $6000 for anyone not local. I picked up a similar '78 280Z for significantly less (was a CA car that hadn't seen midwest snow), already back here in the midwest, although it does not have the rebuilt motor or the upgraded suspension. But then again, you never get back what you pay to do things like that....

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Thanks for the feed back guys. I appreciate it. I realize I am at the top of the range. I am not trying to make my money back. I have restored several cars and realize you dont usually get your money back. I have seen many 280Z's that dont even compare to mine for not much less money. I'm thinkin maybe I should just keep it. Having money is overrated anyway! :)

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Comes down to finding the right buyer at the right time. The car I bought had been listed on e-bay with a reserve that wasn't met. That reserve ended up being the price I paid the guy off e-bay since the car was close enough that I could go see it after the auction was over (I didn't bid on it - he e-mailed me after the failed auction to see if I was interested). You're right that lesser cars undoubtedly have gone for as much or more. If you've got the time to wait, you might get it. On cars like this, value is essentially what you can get someone to pay...

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I'm in the market for a good condition Z. What else can you tell me about yours (assuming, of course, it's still available)?

1. How many miles on the car itself?

2. RUST...where and how much (floor pan, rockers, hatch, etc.)?

3. Interior condition...how are the seats, carpets, dash, and door panels?

4. What doesn't work (wipers, horn, defroster, etc.)?

5. How much is the car driven?

6. What does it need? I know a 26 year old car is going to have some needs and problem areas. Don't be afraid to scare me with negative details. I just want as complete a picture as I can get of the car.

You can PM me or email me if you like. Thanks much!


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