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71' 240z, 350v8, cage, immaculate condition, tx, MUST GO


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Here is a list of the complete mods and a link to the pictures.

1971 Datsun 240z chassis in immaculate condition

Straight Frame

clear title



The lighter of the Z bunch ~2100lbs

10-point TIG welded cage (set-back harness bar for seat clearance)

Widened rear fenders about an 1" (cut and tig welded)

4" fiberglass cowl grafted on fiberglass hood (perfectly matches the line of the 'stock' hood)

Fiberglass front and rear bumpers

aftermarket front bumper available (MSA with brake ducts)

Motor bracket/mount is set back 1 more inch than the JTR set up, custom crate/mount welded from the rails to motor mounts

Hairpin Hoodpins

Shaved Emblems


Rear Chromoly A-Arms with adjustable ends

Rear Coilovers with 200# Springs

Shocks changed 1/2 year ago (forgot what brand, non-adjustables)


Full assortment of Autometer gauges (Tach, Speedo, Oil, Water, Fuel)

Half Dash Cap

Procar leather bucket seats

Custom fuel fill under rear carpet

5-point harness

Fuel System:

8 gallon fuel cell with sump and custom fuel level sender (cut out spare tire well and welded in rails for mounting)

-8AN braided lines

inline filter

Mallory 140gph pump

Mallory FPR

Return to cell

-6AN line from FPR to carb

Motor: (Has NOT been raced or even abused)

Stock rebuilt SBC 350 ~2600 miles

650CFM Edelbrock carb elec. choke

Filter Spacer

69' corvette cam

Edelbrock Performer intake

billet pulleys

aluminum water pump

hooker headers block huggers

copper crush gasket

1200* plug wire covers

Exhuast System:

2.5" to 3" crossover;

to dual 3" in/out glasspacks;

to dual 3" out the rear bumper


26x19 Howe radiator

160* Thermostat

Stant Cap (16-18lbs. street)

Larger hoses (1.5" and 1.75")

black magic fan

water wetter


Mallory VI-AL electronic ignition with rev limiter

Mallory Coil

Mallory unilite distributor

Quick Disc. battery terminals

780 CA Battery

Remote Terminal

working headlights/taillights/signals

3 switches mounted in cut and rolled sheet in dash where radio a/c goes


108Amp 3-wire alternator



JTR Transmission bracket

carb adapter for TV cable

Lokar tranny dipstick

hurst quarter stick shifter

-6an cooler hoses to perma-cool frame rail cooler

leaks (possibly from gasket)

Rear end:

Solid mount

Driveshaft Hoops

R200 conversion

3.55 gears


Toyota 4x4 front caliper conversion up front


14" centerline auto/drag

1/4" wheel spacers

longer studs in the rear


work on transmission

interior carpet

paint on rear quarter panels

$7400 OBO. Over $10,000 Invested! Deal of a lifetime!

old price was $7400, now asking $6900!

Why so cheap? Needs transmission work. Current one is leaking (could be from t.v. cable; level checker; or cooler lines) and I have not tuned the kickdown cable. Brake and clutch pedal+brackets also with the car if you go manual. Easy swap to do, I don't have the time to do it! 47 hour/week schedule prevents me from anything. Car starts, and runs as is! Trans. will shift and drive fine, will not downshift at WOT.

College student in need of money, help a guy out! I don't even take this beast out because I'm scared it might get a dent.

Located in Houston, Tx

Great basis for a street, weekend, or all out dragster!

Thank you for your time,

Steven M.

You can e-mail or call me directly on my cell phone, please leave a message if I am unable to answer the phone. I prefer to talk on the phone.



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Only two things I dont like about it is sorry, but you know opinions, there like "A" holes everyone has them.

Mine is the cowl hood look on a Z just doesnt really fit, me personally I never did like them at all.

Second should have went with a 5speed.

Besides that a truely gorgeous conversion.

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Looking for $6500.

I drove her today and she drove fine. The tranny just feels like that leak is not making it shift so well. It is not leaking now, but once you fill up the tranny to a certain point, it then leaks. there is currently fluid in there though.



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Originally posted by sblake01

I don't think you should be concerned. It looks like his only reason for being here it to sell the car. :disappoin

Actually sir, I've been around and have been doing the right thing; by searching before I ask, therefore my post count is low. If you feel like attacking me, leave it to the PM's or e-mail. If I was a Z guru, or had alot of questions that have never been answered I'd have a higher post count. But now, i have a 47hr./week school schedule and am working on getting my scholarships either wise I won't be going to school. I need something that will get me to point A to point B without worrying if my car is going to get scratched or dented. This is too nice of a car for a 17 year old to have, which is what I am. Maybe when I'm out of college and have time to build a car like I want to and trailer it everywhere...


Is that your Z in my avitar?


If it is, I hope you dont mind me using it, I found it on Kazaa!



Yes, that was it with the old motor, use to run a 9.90 on open diff. and 250 shot.

Thanks for the comments?

Steven M.

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[Yes, that was it with the old motor, use to run a 9.90 on open diff. and 250 shot.

Thanks for the comments?

Steven M.


What is an open diff? Is that one drive wheel or LSD? What does the car run now with the different motor? I would love to have V-8 Z, but my husband gets PO'd at the very mention of "Why didn't you put a V-8 in your Z". He likes to prove that the Z's inline six, when built properly, is quite capable of producing horsepower.


P.S. The car you are selling looks very nice.

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Yes, one drive wheel. With the different motor, i really don't know, because of the tranny i haven't put the pedal to the metal yet so i couldn't tell you. I'm estimating low 13's.

the inline 6's are very stout and quite quick. My friend down the street is capable of building a very strong and reliable l28 motor.


steven m.

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