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Damned fuel lines...

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Well I finished the car on the weekend, apart from some minor interior items the car is done, well almost....

Spent the weekend removing the engine/gearbox from the sedan, change the rear main seal, converted the driveline to auto trans, fit the engine into the coupe (after the crane decided to tilt just for fun), fitted tailshaft, new brake mast cylinder, bled brakes, discovered the speedo cable wasn't there! so had to look for a spare one and still doesn't fit properly, fabricate a 2.25" exhaust, fitted original K extractors, and a heap more.

Anyway, start the car, sounds great and looks it too, suddenly dies from lack of fuel, end up discovering or "theorising" that the steel fuel lines are blocked and /or the tank has some nice debris. Fuel pump is working, tested fuel in a coke can and she sucked it up no worries.

So today I'll be getting myself a length of fuel line, running it in line with the existing one and swapping tanks over, just to be safe.

THEN I'll be able to give the car a run!

Fingers crossed...!

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Sounds good James.

Be sure to take plenty of pictures when you're done, some of us won't be able to see the car in person :P

There's always something that's not quite right isnt there. Cursed fuel lines, lets hope your theory is correct. *fingers crossed*

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G'day Lachlan,

First of all I can't drive the car anywhere, and secondly, 3 metres of fuel line (rubber) is much cheaper than the steel ones and work involved.

As for flushing out, I'll get that done later when I can bring the car into a shop. For the time being I need the coupe running as the sedan is now a shell, totally stripped and will only work like a flintstones car!:classic:

Tonight is the night I get to finally re-acquaint myself with the coupe, ahh...

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The rubber fuel line is fine, temporarily, not as a permanent replacement.

One of the reasons why the steel fuel line is utilised under the car is the counter road dirt, grit, basically the nasties that may/can wear and cut into the rubber lines.

That said, it'd have to be something pretty sharp and forceful to damage them, and if it could, I don't see the steel lines coming off any better, they'd be cut right through.

I'm not sure I got the 'optimistic' part...enlighten me!:classic:

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