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Microfiche collections for the Z.

4 files

  1. Free

    1976 S30 Microfiche European

    1976 S30 Microfiche EUROPE


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  2. Free

    Fairlady JDM parts fiche

    Jdm parts fiche


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  3. $15.00

    S30 Zcar Microfiche Downloadable CDROM

    This is a full version of our copyrighted Zcar Microfiche CDROM.  These files were originally distributed on a physical CD, but due to updated technology we are now providing it as a download.  This is provided exclusively to members and the files within this download are the real-deal.  You'll receive access for all 14 files for use on a single computer or mobile device.  This document is a fund-raiser for our club.
    Note:  This is a free download for subscribing members.  Details can be found here.
    S30 - 240z, 260z, 280z Microfiche CDROM
    (c)Copyright 2000 Mike Gholson, Internet 240z Club
    Filename        Description
    S30_1a            Introduction
    S30_1b            Part Names
    S30_1c            Part Numbers
    S30_2a            Engine L24 & L26
    S30_3a            Engine L28E
    S30_4a            Electrical
    S30_5a            Powertrain
    S30_5b            Axle
    S30_5c            Brake
    S30_6a            Steering
    S30_6b            Body L24
    S30_7a            Body L26 & L28E
    S30_8a            Body L26 & L28E 2+2
    S30_8b            Miscellaneous

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  4. Free

    Zcar Microfiche Sample

    The Parts CD contains all of the parts for your Z-car! It also contains part numbers that your Nissan dealer will love. This is an invaluable tool for anyone with a Z-car (within the years specified). It will allow you the freedom to look up all the parts at your own leisure. When you are ready to get pricing, just bring the list (or printed diagrams) down to your dealer. Thats all!
    Practical Use
    The CD is very helpful tool when you are working on your Z. The Parts CD also contains all diagrams necessary to complete the assembly of your car. It has close up views of every part. If you forgot how something bolts together, just consult your Parts CD. You can also look at your manuals, but, who wants to get those dirty?! With the Parts CD, you can print out the diagram on your printer and bring the single piece of paper into your garage. If it gets dirty... just throw it away and print out another copy!
    Try Before You Buy
    Download a Demo We have a limited functionality demo available if you wish to see the CD in action. Buy the cd in our store here.


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