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My 260Z RLS30012230

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Well, my entry into the Z world kind of came by lucky accident I guess you could say. Back in 2002 I started yearning to have a 'fun' car again. Something that I could play around with and not have to rely on as my daily driver.

A bit of history on the cars I've owned. In the past I have a few 'fun' cars. I've been the owner of such cars, to name just a few, as a pristine 1965 Pontiac Grand Prix with 23,000 miles in 1986, a 1976 Camaro LT (a 4-speed car sold in California), a 1976 Firebird Formula 350, a couple of Chevy Vegas (one of which had a Hooker V8 conversion. I rolled that one... bias ply tires up front and radials in the back on a front-heavy car ain't so good), and a trio of 1969 Firebirds. God as my witness one of my '69 Firebirds was TA. In 1977, still in High School, I traded my 1969 OHC L6 Firebird for the TA at Steve's Car Lot in Reno. I can still remember drooling over the artists drawings of the TA in the Firebird brochure in 1976 when my Mom bought her Firebird Formula. In fact, I bought the OHC L6 Firebird from the salesman that sold her her Firebird. Anyway, after a Clifford Research header install and a factory Quadra-Jet swap on the OHC Firebird, I saw the TA... Pearl white paint with blue stripes... 50s in the back, Gabriel High-Jackers, and a Chevy 350 under the hood.... and had to have it. So like a dork, I traded my OHC Firebird and started the life-long tradition of car payments.

OK, so those cars are long gone. I could still kick myself in the a$$ for getting rid of the Grand Prix, the TA and '69 Firebird 400 I had to restore the TA with. Oh well, life goes on. So back to 2002. I'm driving a VW Jetta, my wife has a Isuzu Rodeo.... and we have a perfectly good, pristine 1989 Toyota Turbo Supra in the garage to play with. And of course I get the itch to play around with another woman... of the 4-wheel variety. I start eyeing the Supra with dreams of coil-overs, bigger turbo, Lexus AFMs and bigger injectors dancing in my head. Suddenly my better judgment steps in, in the form of my wife, telling me I better not touch the Supra. OK, what to do? Look for another car! So....... I start searching for the obvious candidates... Firebirds and Camaros. OH MY GAWD!!! Look at those prices!!! Mind you, this was before BJ auctions were so popular, and had a hand in putting 'American muscle-cars' out of the reach of most of us. A rusted-out POS was going for at least 3 grand. So I remember the fun I had in the V8 Vega... so, I try and find a Vega that isn't half rust, already been converted to a V8 or a Cosworth. Hmmmmmm... dreams on hold.

One day in 2004 I was talking with a co-worker about cars and he mentioned this cool video of a guy named Darius and his V8 Z. So, he shows me this online video of this awesome car!! I was in a daze. I remembered the Scarabs back in the '70s. Right then I decided to search for a Z. Well, I pretty much forgot about looking with work and family being my priorities.

In early February, 2005, I'm sitting in the Sacramento airport, waiting for a flight to Denver. I pick up the Classified section of the Bee that someone has left on the seat next to me. Looking through the cars I spot a 1974 260Z for sale. Good condition. Engine seized. $500.

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    • I'm still waiting on a hoist to free up before I can start bolting the new brake parts on my Z, but I did make the drill jig today.  I started with a 12mm thick Mustang wheel spacer with a pilot.  I then made a drawing to layout the holes needed.  I transfered the drawing onto the spacer and I drilled three new 1/8" holes through the jig (spacer) so I'd have the correct 4x114.3mm holes.  One hole is shared from the original 5 lug rotor.  I then bolted the jig onto the Mustang rotor and simply dr
    • Local radiator repair shops used to be plentiful but getting harder to find.  Some of them just specialize in big truck-heavy equipment radiators.  I will be needing to do the same for my project.  I have heard good reports on gas tank RENU but there are none of those franchises in my area.  Good luck, John-Lugoff, SC
    • Decided to go with the 240sx conversion. Main reason is it’s strictly for the street and the parts were easy to source. What I didn’t realize was the 14” wheels won’t clear the caliper. Now looking for a set of 4 lug 15” rims and tires I can use during the build process. Can anyone recommend a temporary solution as far as make and model preferably a steel wheel that I can use until I’m ready to buy the wheel and tire combination at the end of the project? Thanks again for all the help out there.
    • There are several reasons to use the S197 rear brakes.  The rotors are larger diameter than the SVO rotors and they are vented.  The calipers have larger pistons to give them more power.  The big beef with the Maxima rears is that they don't offer as much stopping power as the stock drums.  The S197 rears allow the addition of an adjustable proportioning valve.  The Maxima rears cannot utilize an adjustable prop since the prop needs to be all the way open to get close to enough rear bias. 
    • Any particular reason to use S197 Mustang 5-lug brakes?  The Fox body SVO Mustangs had rear discs with 4-lug.  It's a popular swap to use SVO or T-bird Turbo Coupe rear brakes to retrofit discs to other Fox body Mustangs.  These parts are still pretty common (probably available as a kit).  Might be worth checking to see if they'll fit.