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  1. Rota Shakotan Wheel Caps for 240Z

    Never found any great solutions, contemplating having someone make cylinder shapes to fit wheels. Other option is using spacers to push wheels out to make caps fit. Sent from my iPhone using Classic Zcar Club mobile
  2. Could there be any throttle plate issues on carb #2? Maybe the plates are not aligned and one is letting in more air than the other. I noticed a big imbalance on one of my Weber DCOE carbs when I replaced one of the throttle plates due to damage. The other plate let in more air due to leaking. Replaced other plate with a new one, problem solved.
  3. I don't have logging software to graph my results, unfortunately, but I did the same thing you did with consistent runs from 3000 to 5500 rpm on a flat road. I was getting solid readings on my gauge. Sent from my iPhone using Classic Zcar Club mobile
  4. Phoenix, AZ, is about 1100 to 1200 ft above sea level.
  5. I have finally got my triples dialed in on my 70 Z with rebuilt L28, stock cam and flat top pistons. Thanks, Blodi, for posting your experience, it helped me a lot! And a big thanks to 240260280 and Chickenman for all of their help over the last number of months, it helped make sense of these wonderful carbs! Weber DCOE 40 151 current specs: Venturis - 32 mm, auxiliary - 4.5 mm, float needle valve - 1.75 mm, idle jets - 50F9, main jets - 161 (drilled), air corrector jets - 200, pump jet - 50, pump exhaust - 00, emulsion tube - F16 I am running around 12.5 to 13.5 on acceleration, with 14.5 on highway cruise (with AFR gauge). Idles very smooth at 850, but could go lower if I wasn't running AC. Life is good ...
  6. Oh, I had flat top pistons installed when engine rebuilt 10 years ago, so getting about 10 to 1 compression, if that makes any difference.
  7. I have an N42 head/N42 bottom end engine that I added triple Webers to this last year. I am enjoying them immensely. I wanted to port match and unshroud the valves to get best air flow and enhance performance. I believe the N42 head is a good option for headwork, but am wondering if the FI notches on the intake ports will cause any issues on port matching? I wanted input from those of you that know about this much more than I! I appreciate your thoughts. Stephen
  8. '74 260 at Mecum Monterey

    Original flattops?
  9. Thanks, Blodi, makes sense.
  10. How are you doing a repetitive test run to compare results on an apples vs apples basis?
  11. I found out my AEM AFR meter (#30-4110) has the analog output capability for data logging, look forward to see how my numbers look in graph format! So much tweaking, so much fun!!
  12. Thanks for the info, might have to look into getting one!
  13. Gentlemen, stupid question, how are you putting these graphs together? Are you attaching something to your AFM? I don't know if you are just taking readings and putting the graphs together, or creating them directly from AFM. I want to create my own. Love the thread!
  14. duffman

  15. Rota Shakotan Wheel Caps for 240Z

    Thanks, Zup, will reach out to S30Driver and see what he did to resolve this issue!