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    72 240z. Swapped in a 5 speed, found a R180 3.90 diff. All new bushings, struts, brakes, interior and on and on. Take it out on nice weekends.
  1. At the Denver Mecum auction

    Bid goes on for both 280s one went to 10500. Sent from my SM-G900V using Classic Zcar Club mobile
  2. Hope they do well Sent from my SM-G900V using Classic Zcar Club mobile
  3. [SOLD] 240z 2400 valve cover

    apparently... someone delete this topic because it's evidently not for sale in our classified section and wasn't planned to be...
  4. I have the MSA Premium exhaust and I like it. Make sure NOT to use the down pipe exhaust gasket until you have fitted everything. I had to shave a bit off the flange to get it where I wanted. I realized that down pipe gasket is a one time use gasket and it didn't seal it %100 after squishing it a few times.
  5. Another interesting auction

    Door handles and everything else but the side lite trim is blacked out,which I think matches the blue well. Nice to see something other than an "original" once in awhile to spice things up.
  6. 2 4 0 Z Uh Oh Project

    Awesome work and glad I found the link as I am doing mass repairs myself and your pictures are my guide. I suspect you already have the answer to the dogleg question but in case here is a pic and it should be almost straight across. I am going to have to get a shot bag because the piece you made to fit below the seat belt pocket was nice! Is that what you used? I had to cut and form the one I made. Keep posting! I am contemplating the rear quarter wheel wells but super apprehensive.
  7. If I were there I would have another Z. http://orangecounty.craigslist.org/cto/5702041436.html Seems like a very good price.
  8. Oh great! I'll call them up and order them. Thanks.. just figured I'd have to buy it all..
  9. I don't want or need to buy a whole kit... all I need are the rear shock towers and wheel arches in black for a 240 if anyone has those pieces in good shape. Thanks.
  10. Advanced dash recover project.

    Excellent write up and the gauges are cool. After reading this I had to post how I did it 12 years ago.Same methodical plan just did it in the car. Kinda funny when I look back on it. The dash still looks perfect.
  11. I just put on 195/70 R14's Kumo Solus KH17's on mine. Got them from Tirebuyer. They are called a High Performance all season tire. Price wasn't bad either. Just put them on two weeks ago so not much testing so far..
  12. The inner side of the bumper had a fair amount of rust in spots, some heavy pits and you can still see them for sure but its plated also, just not full on chrome. I took the bumper as a whole to have them check it out first and he said there was enough metal to make it work. Pretty much destroyed the studs on the old rubber taking them offf they were rusted so badly. I bought new ones from zcardepot. I thought about the stainless but I don't know if you can get the bumperettes and figured I'd keep the originals on it. Either way its a chunk of dough!!
  13. Just got my bumper pieces back from chroming and wow they look great. New rubber also. I paid $650.00 to have it done. Not sure if its a good or bad price but maybe it can be a reference for anyone else thinking about it. it was local plating company and they have good references. I'll have to wait until this winter to shell out for the front.
  14. Oldest Automatic on the road?

    Sorry I did mention it was a 204Z but the VIN is HLS30-08996 August of 1970 Build date. So almost could be a 1970. I'll go with the "oldest Auto on the road in the US" if I ever sell it and dare someone to prove it isn't! Speaking of 510's here is my family's window sticker for our 510 wagon. It was a 1971 purchased June 30, 1971. Car I learned to drive with and would get another if I had a chance but would have to be orange!
  15. Hi All, I purchased a one owner, very nice 1971 with an automatic with a VIN number of 8996. According to ZHome documents, the first Auto was VIN 8944. That leaves 52 cars between that one and mine. What are the chances that I have the oldest Automatic 240? If so, would it be more valuable left as an Auto? Unfortunately it does not have the original engine in it. I don't want to swap a 4 or 5 speed in it because half the reason I bought it was so my daughter and wife would drive it, the other half was because it is so straight and unmolested.